Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The One With All the Tester Pots

Tester pots. Little pots of goodness. They promise so much don't they? I have gone, quite literally, over top with them.

My living room wall looks like it has some sort of wall based skin disorder. There are patches everywhere with my carefully written labels next to them in pencil. They all have fantastic names such as Jasmine Shimmer, Lilac Echo, Morning Light, Orchid White.

© afewthingsfrommylife
Oh to be a Dulux name thinker upper (I am 100% sure that is the title on that person's business card) or even better Farrow & Ball, never before have paint names entered such weird realms. How fabulous to arrive at the office, take out a well worn copy of Collins Thesaurus, or perhaps an online version in our modern times, and start flicking through whilst thinking:
"How many different ways can I describe cream?"

As that is basically what they are. My living room is covered in cream splodges with different names. Sure Lilac Echo does indeed have an echo of lilac, in the same way that homeopathy has an echo of actual medical science, but they are all basically cream.

I am so original it hurts.

Cream is ideal because:
a) it is light, we live in a mid terrace house so light is at a premium.
b) it goes with everything, we currently have burnt terracotta (red) sofas which are a nightmare to match anything to.
c) should the need to go mad with colours take us when we are old (I am thinking purple and not just an echo thank you very much) it'll be a good base.

So for now we are firmly entering middle class conformity and having cream.

Now I just need to decide which cream, Buttermilk looks good on that wall but Natural Wicker looks good over there.....

If you have a natural tone (cream) which did you choose and why?


  1. B&Q one coat Ivory, it was cheap. it also did a fab job :D

  2. Stick a pin in that grid of nearly-the-same colour and ocnvince yourself that "fate" has decided for you!